Lower Primary

Our Lower Primary is for children aged 5-7 (Years 1 and 2).  It offers a caring, supportive and stimulating environment where children learn through both  work and play.

We have two classes for this age range. These classes often mix with each other and we encourage the building of relationships between the younger and older children.

Literacy and numeracy skills are targeted as soon as a child becomes ready. These key, core areas are developed in small groups and individually, choosing those methods that best suit each child. In our small classes, we make excellent progress with the children at whatever level or pace they are learning at.

As well as dealing with words and numbers, we integrate many other subjects and activities in to the day. The children’s creativity and physicality is developed through art, music, drama, dance and play. When weather permits, we use the outdoors as much as we can.

We often use a child’s question to build our lessons and activities and in this way we introduce the foundations of science, geography, history and more. Children of this age are consumed with curiosity about the world and we constantly encourage them to ask the questions of ‘what ‘how’ and ‘why’.

The goal of our programme is to meet your child’s needs not only intellectually, but also physically, socially, and emotionally. Going to school is one of the most important experiences in a child’s life and it should be an exciting place where children meet new and different people and participate in many new and different activities. We work diligently with the children to provide them with wonderful experiences that help them feel good about themselves and their progress.

Upper Primary

Our Upper Primary classes are for students aged 7 – 11 (UK Years, 3-6) (Grades 2-5).  The curriculum is grounded in the National Curriculum of the UK and is adapted to fit our international context. Children study the full range of subjects and content matter is often altered so that it is made more relevant to the child’s life and immediate surroundings

The Primary class weekly timetables are designed to strike a healthy balance of activities for the children. Morning lessons tend to focus on the core areas of literacy, numeracy and humanities. Afternoon lessons are generally the more practical or active lessons of Science, Art, Computing, Technology, Music, PE and Well-being. Throughout the day each student will experience times of individual tuition as well as group activities and whole-class learning.

Lessons often follow a structure all times we hope to create a safe, stimulating and welcoming, ‘extended family’ atmosphere where each student is valued, treated with respect and academically challenged.