Upper Primary

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Our Upper Primary classes are for students aged  7 – 11 (UK Years, 3-6)

Our Upper Primary curriculum is  grounded in the National Curriculum of the UK and is adapted to fit our international context and our mixed-age classes. Children study the  full range of  subjects but the content matter is often altered so that it is made more relevant to the child’s life and immediate surroundings.

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We use a generic lesson structure that encourages children to become active and independent learners. Whilst our ‘learning ladders’ for each subject area are highly structured we also retain flexibility within our programme so as to cater for changing circumstances, current events or special activities and interests. In consultation with each parent we can provide a learning plan specifically suited to an individual child, reviewing and adapting this programme as necessary.

The Primary class weekly timetables are designed to strike a healthy balance of activities for the children. There are periods of directed free choice as well as the range of set lessons; there is individual tuition and also group activity. We encourage learning and playing, intellectual and physical exercise, creativity, self-discovery, active listening and being and doing. At all times we hope to create a safe, stimulating and welcoming, ‘extended family’ atmosphere where each student is valued, treated with respect and academically challenged.

Whilst a student’s age gives us a guideline for in which class they should be placed, academic ability, personal maturity and group dynamics are also important factors. We will consider the individual as a whole before deciding a student’s class placement.