At Recognise, we believe that every child is special and that each has a unique set of needs. Our goal is to see all of our students functioning effectively with others in a standard classroom environment. Some students  require extra assistance and specific support – whether this be with particular academic, socialisation or physical requirements or with issues relating to past personal circumstances.

We maintain one class within our school for children who require such additional support. This class is usually four or five students, staffed by a main specialist teacher and a support teacher. The children will follow a programme specifically tailored to their needs, and also that follows the breadth of a mainstream curriculum as much as possible. The children from this class will also often join our other classes for certain subjects and activities such as art and PE; thus we believe, creating a healthy, inclusive experience for all.

Recognise is proud to be able to offer targeted support for students with additional needs; children who might otherwise be alienated within or excluded from a mainstream context. We have had great success with young people with a range of issues, and we love to see how our environment helps them grow.

Recognise will partner with experts and parents to provide a comprehensive analysis of a child’s needs and a realistic pathway forwards for them. Recognise is happy to consult with any parent, whether their child is enrolled with us or not, regarding concerns of this nature that they might have.

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