Principal and Director: Mr Ian Taylor

Student Coordinator and Founding Director: Ms Kate Rowan

Ms Year 1 Teacher

Ms Stephanie Beresford

Stephanie is a UK qualified teacher who has worked in and around London in a number of schools. She has much experience of teaching children from diverse backgrounds and with diverse needs. Stephanie brings lots of energy and fun to her classroom and to the school. She has a passion for sport and particularly enjoys an opportunity to get on the netball court. Stephanie has proven herself popular with every child in her care and she works diligently to meet each of their needs. This is Stephanie’s fifth year at RIA so we can assume she enjoys it here !

Ms Zaynah Nadeem

Mr Dan Glucksnis


Ms Year 5/6

Mr Kevin Moran

Ms Vangie Risacta

Ms Vangie is a very experienced teacher who has worked in international schools in Shenzhen for over 16 years. She is a drama and performance specialist and has particular skills with and empathy for students with additional needs. Vangie is wonderful with all of our children and brings much joy to the world of RIA. Ms Vangie presently teaches our Additional Needs class

Ms Jane Leckie

Jane is from Scotland and has over 18 years of teaching experience. She has worked mainly in Scottish Middle schools and has taught a range of ages. Five years ago, this was Jane’s first overseas teaching position, so I think we can safely say that she is a brave and adventurous lady. Jane combines excellent academic rigour with a warm and caring approach. We are extremely pleased that Jane has again chosen to stay at RIA this year.