RIA Parent Handbook

RIA Parent Handbook

We have loved every day of the time T spent at RIA. It’s an amazing school and T has grown so much.

Our son has done so well with RIA, we’re sending you our daughter next!


When I walk around your school I feel so much positive energy – the children are so happy and open. I’ve been to lots of schools : it’s easily apparent that what you are doing is special and unique.


I had an idea that the small classes would be great academically, and they are…


Other schools talk about catering for each child’s needs; at RIA, you actually do it. We are so happy with M’s progress.


Recognise is like a breath of fresh air, not easy to find in China. Thanks for everything; we will sing your praises wherever we go.


Coming to Recognise has been liberating


My two children were struggling with their reading and were reluctant school goers. Now, they love school, they love reading and they are right back on track. Great work, Recognise!


Coming to Recognise has been liberating


It’s like all the best bits of home-school, private tuition and regular school combined


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