Principles of RIA Admissions

  • RIA is an inclusive school. It is not selective based on academic ability.
  • RIA is committed to achieving the highest possible academic standards for each student.
  • RIA believes that personal well-being – a sense of security and happiness – is an intrinsic part of achieving high academic standards.
  • RIA believes that each child is unique and that their whole situation should be considered when deciding upon admission and acceptance
  • RIA will consider the balance of present or future class composition when deciding admission and acceptance
  • RIA is obliged by law to only accept students with expatriate ( non-Chinese) passports.
  • RIA will not discriminate against students based on their background, ethnicity, religion or the source of tuition fee payment.
  • RIA is aware that students who have had difficulties in other schools can often flourish once enrolled at RIA
  • RIA will make decisions regarding admissions in sufficient time for parents to consider other schools.

RIA is a small school with limited places that are in high demand. Decisions regarding enrolment are made at the sole discretion of the School Directors.

Admissions Process For Parents

  • Download the application forms from the school website below or contact school on to be sent an e-copy. Alternatively, pop into school at any time to collect the forms.
  • Return in person or by email to Mr Ian Taylor on
  • We will contact you to acknowledge receipt of the application and to arrange a time to meet you and your child.
  • If appropriate, we will set aside a time for your child to spend with us so that we can get to know them better.
  • If appropriate, we may conduct some (gentle) assessments or pursue references so that we can better gauge academic levels.
  • If you are overseas, we will conduct correspondence via email and/or Skype/FaceTime/WeChat where possible.
  • For applications received before 30th March, we will offer confirmation of places before the end of the second week of April. For applications received after this time, we will give you a response as quickly as possible so that you can look for an alternative school if necessary
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