School Lunches

Our school meals are provided by a well-known local French restaurant named La Maison. They have been feeding our children for over six years. Nearly all of our children opt for school lunches, and amazingly, nearly all of our children will say that our school meals are really good – pretty rare for children and school meals , eh? The reason for this is because of the quality of the food that is offered. La Maison consistently supply tasty, healthy, child-friendly, well-balanced, international food and RIA is very grateful for the work they do. We also all eat together, long table style, making the eating of lunch a sociable and civilised experience. As you can see from the pictures below, La Maison are also very happy for the children to come to the kitchens, to see how their food is made. The restaurant is well worth a visit.

Snacks: Children are welcome to bring extra snacks but we ask that they are kept healthy and nutritious, please. Sweets (candy) and fizzy drinks are not allowed. RIA offers all the children boiled eggs and fruit during morning break-time and usually this is enough to keep young tummies fuelled until lunch.